What to do for your significant other as a gift with your photos and videos.

Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with an Idea for a gift, what to do, how can I make this one different? You get confused on what to do and it can be stressful at times. A 2 hour idea you can do, 2 hours is not that bad for you to create this project. Think about it, in the time it takes for you to search online or go out driving around from store to store, you can make this happen. Everyone has cell phones,  with cameras to take pictures,  and videos and  the editing software, already in their pockets or on their computer at home. If you don’t check out imovie, easy and simple to use.  Take the videos and pics that are of yourself, significant other, also record yourself and talk about how they make you feel, how you appreciate them, whatever you want in front of the camera, make them laugh.  Sometimes you can’t express how you feel through a card, or writing a email, note, text, however you send love messages . Add music, flowers, make it  holiday themed, the cool thing about this is, it’s your idea. Upload it or have Infinity Productions of Denver Colorado convert it to a DVD, play it for them or share it.

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