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Infinity Productions uses only state of the art professional equipment by reputable brands!  Infinity Productions uses both HD video Mini DV as well as Canon’s new state of the art Digitial SLR 7D cameras!  All of our cameras give us the option of shooting HD to get the crisp, perfect picture that you are looking for.  In addition we also use the Zoom H4N for HD audio recording, and Sennheiser’s lapel microphones to capture those super intimate moments.  Low lighting?  Not a worry, we have small and large LED lighting panels with filters to help us capture the perfect light for our images.    Lastly we use Final Cut Studio HD for our editing room software.  This is the industry best that many of the Pro’s use.  This gives us the capability to create a custom product for each of our clients and not just some cookie cutter wedding/event video.
Most people who hire a wedding videographer for their special day have most likely never hired a professional videographer before. As a result, there are many questions that are asked and below are some of the most frequently asked ones.
What is your price range?

Our prices start at $695 and all of our packages can be customized to our client’s preference.
Why is video important for a wedding?

After the wedding day is over, all that remains to relive the day are the photos and video. Wedding photographs are beautiful and can capture the moment, but Video production services captures friends, family, and most important the event , which is why we say “Making Important Memories Last Forever!”
How long have you been in business?

Infinity Productions was founded in 2004 and we have years of wedding experience. Our experience makes us one of the leaders in wedding videography today.
Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and can provide any venue with the necessary insurance paperwork.
Do you have back-up equipment?

Yes, we do. Every videographer has back-up gear in the event of an equipment malfunction. It is very important that we are able to continue to record the day regardless of any possible equipment failure.
What is your attire?

All of our videographers wear dark clothing. We may wear short-sleeve black polo shirts depending on the temperature, and In the winter months, typically we wear a long sleeve button up.
What is the difference between the Basic Package and Platinum Package?

The biggest difference between the two is production time. On the wedding day, the Basic package provides up to 6 hours of coverage, whereas the platinum package offers a total of 8 hours of coverage. In addition, the post-production for the platinum package can take between 40-60 hours to complete because the raw footage is edited down to the best footage, and a storyline is created to capture the best moments of the event. For the Basic Package, we turn over the raw footage to our clients, and no editing is done.
How long does it take to the finish the video?

The Basic Package is completed in 2-3 weeks and the Platinum Package in 6-8 weeks.
How is sound captured?

Infinity Productions uses only state of the are technology. Not only do we use the camera’s native microphones, we also use professional wireless lapel microphones from Sennheiser. We also tap into the DJ/Bands or in other events the sound technicians board with a Zoom H4N to capture every sound coming from those collective source giving us the most audio available from your event!
What is your shooting style?

Our videographers are friendly, professional, and candid. We will work with your other vendors to make sure we are in the right place at the right time to get all of your special moment’s. We adapt our shooting style to fit the over all look, that you are looking for as our client. We want this to be your video.
Do you use bright blinding lights?

We use state of the art LED lighting panels with appropriate filters to make sure we are not “Blinding” anybody, but still have enough light to capture every moment.
What is your payment plan?

We require a $200 deposit to reserve your wedding date, then final payment is due after we complete the final consultation.


Infinity Productions is dedicated to making every important moment last forever! This is our passion we are very hands on with our clients and making sure that both us have a clear picture of what we are accomplishing. We are not just doing a service we have now became a team between the client and Infinity Productions.


JAMMIN' Photo booth is a great activity and always the hit of the party at your, wedding bar/mitzvah, school dance. JAMMIN' Photo booth is Equipped with Props, the booth and host for your event. Print 2 strips with four pictures on each receive the pictures that evening, JAMMIN' Photo booth is here for your picture party needs, making memories last forever.


Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions about video coverage for your wedding or event! The team at Infinity Productions, we are open arms this is just as an important day to us as it is to you. We take great pride in working with you

Music Video

Your an artist, The team at Infinity Productions understands how words in music must translate on screen to capture the feel, sound, and visual of the track. The team is dedicated to sitting with the artist to understand a clear picture of what the artist is expressing.


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